Casa Calmaria is a unique space, in the historic center of Beja, where people, culture, well-being and tranquility get together.

The story of a northern woman in Beja

The moment of change

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted a place to receive people, where I could share experiences and get to know other cultures. The opportunity to travel and the fact of having lived outside of Portugal, sharpened that desire even more.

In 2019 I decided to undertake the change that would start this project. The decision process was not easy. After all, I would leave behind a professional career of more than 20 years, which was at its peak.

Professionally I was doing well, working in an organization I loved, with a fantastic team, a leader who is a reference for me, and with excellent career prospects.

But I let my heart speak louder and took a chance. The desire to do something different, to leave the comfort zone completely, was greater.

A northern woman in Beja

Born in Maia, in the north of Portugal, I created ties with Beja through family relationships and friendship. The connection grew as I got to know the city. I fell in love with its hospitality, its history and culture, its traditions, its cuisine, and quality of life. When investing, I didn’t hesitate: the millenary Pax-Julia would be my choice.

The project

Casa Calmaria is the realization of a dream. A life project that reflects my desire to know, travel and share. But also, my commitment to contributing to a more sustainable world and the genuine love I feel for the territory.

More than a word, Calmaria is a journey. An experience. A house where everyone is invited to enter.

The story of the house

Casa Calmaria is in the one of the most emblematic squares in Beja, in the heart of the historic center and the shopping area of the city: the Square Diogo Fernandes, also known as Jardim do Bacalhau (directly translated as Codfish Garden).

As the city, Casa Calmaria is shrouded in history, since it has as neighbors some of the most relevant monuments and cultural spaces in Beja, such as the Castle, Beja regional museum and Pax Julia Municipal Theater.

However, and despite its 70 years of existence, the history of the house is more recent. It was known for being a cult place for women beauty, where for 50 years worked several hairdressers, one of them known by everyone in the city as “Hairdresser Mr. Gonçalves”. Lately, it was a place dedicated to fashion and sewing, and called as “Sewing House”.

More than an accommodation

Casa Calmaria now continues the long existence of this space. Here you can discover the best of Beja and the Baixo Alentejo region, crossing several dimensions:

Arts and Culture

Our mission

  • Enhance the sustainable tourism in the Baixo Alentejo region, promoting experiences to the visitors, that develop and respect the local community.
  • Provide a charming, welcoming, and innovative stay in the historic center of Beja.
  • Integrate the sustainable development goals.
  • Sensitize visitors and the local community to the preservation of the region’s heritage.

Our Values

Partilha e Parcerias
Sharing and Partnerships
Respeito pela Comunidade Local
Respect the local community
Turismo Sustentável
Sustainable Tourism
Responsabilidade Social
Social Responsibility

Our house is in the historic center and, as such, the rebuilding process had to respect, to a large extent, the architectural structure of the façade and interiors.

This fact did not allow us to adapt the house to people with disabilities, namely, wheelchair users.

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